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    PL-1000 Vascular Imaging Instrument for Arterial Puncture

    PL-1000 Vascular Imaging Instrument for Arterial Puncture is developed by Qingdao PULEE Medical Technology Co., LTD jointing with Nankai University, after many years of research, combined with clinical requirements, it can assist medical staffs during arterial puncture to seek and distinguish the subcutaneous blood vessels.


    Arterial puncture is widely used in hospitals and is mainly used for withdrawing arterial blood during blood-gas analysis. Because arterial blood vessels are generally located in the deeper part of the skin, it is difficult for paramedics to accurately locate the artery vessels, thus often cause multiple punctures. PL-1000 Vascular Imaging Instrument for Arterial Puncture can conveniently reflect accurate position and direction of arteries , to help on improving the success rate of puncture, reducing patients’ pain and improving the work efficiency as well.

    PL-1000 PL-1000PL-1000

    Product Principle: The infrared light as kind of invisible light widely exists in nature; Such as sunlight, heater etc. Hemoglobin in the blood absorbing infrared light is different from other organizations; Hemoglobin in subcutaneous blood vessels will absorb more infrared light, while absorption by other organizations are less, so that we can distinguish the blood vessels and other organizations in infrared images . Infrared image is taken by infrared camera, after optimization and highlighting the color & shape by professional image processing software, then output the pictures on the screen, we can clearly see the subcutaneous vascular distribution, location, direction, etc.


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